Who are we?

BeautySpace is UK’s newest online platform connecting Hair & Beauty Freelancers with Salons & Spas that have Space to rent out by the hour, day or week with no commitments

Salons & Spas are able to advertise their Spaces for the dates and times available and list which products and facilities will be provided

Freelancers can create a personalised profile which will enable them to find the perfect Salon or Spa at a time which works best for them

Freelancers - Register here to complete your profile and find your ideal Space to create and work

Salon & Spa Owners - Register here to list your available Spaces for the times and dates that suit your business

Smart independent boutique hair and beauty salon in the heart of Balham


3 Beautiful and bright spaces, nails, pedicure, wax and beauty treatments.


Four individually designed treatment rooms, a group manicure & pedicure room


How it works

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BeautySpace ® is a registered trademark