Launching this past month, BeautySpace is an online marketplace that connects hair and  beauty Freelancers with salon spaces in the UK. Working across the beauty industry,  BeautySpace will be catering to hairstylists, barbers, beauticians, make-up artists, tattoo artists and nail technicians and working with a host of luxurious salon and spa sites.  

Co-founders Michelle D. Gentile and Georgie C. Alderton met over 20 years ago while working in finance in London. The idea for BeautySpace stemmed from a joint passion for  beauty and an eagerness to utilise their entrepreneurial spirt to support the ever-evolving  world of beauty in the most challenging of times. More than just a booking system,  BeautySpace aims to create a community in which key players from the industry can  connect with one another through education and access to helpful professional services.  Whether you are a salon or spa owner looking to share your space, or a hair or beauty  freelancer looking to find your space – BeautySpace provides a supportive place to make  those next steps.  

With reports that over 4,000 beauty spas & hair salons have permanently closed in the UK  since the pandemic erupted last year, multiple jobs have been lost within the beauty sector  – a sector that puts more women into business than any other industry, with an estimated  94% of people working in the beauty industry being women. In reaction to this, BeautySpace  offers an alternative way in which those who have lost a job can get back into the industry,  and salon & spa owners with extra space can increase their profits. It’s this collaborative  approach that makes BeautySpace a key player in rebuilding the much-loved beauty  industry.  

Creating a safe space for those who have always worked in a salon environment to make  the jump into the freelance world, BeautySpace encourages individuals to become their  own boss – with the flexibility of the platform offering the freedom to choose when and  where to work. 

Taking its cue from the evolving way in which we work, BeautySpace offers flexible working with room rental options available by the hour, day or week without any contracts or  commitments. This adaptable style of work sets BeautySpace apart from any other  room/chair rental platform as it fulfils the desire for a better work-life balance.

Appealing to those who wish to share their space as well, BeautySpace offers a straight forward and cost-effective way for salon and spa owners to advertise their space. The easy to-use website means that salons can showcase their excess space in just a matter of  moments with no fee attached until the space has been hired. 


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